Digital Services

Digital services is a broad topic which includes any business, marketing or sales services online. For example, via a computer, tablet or, particularly at this time, mobile phones. Until not so long ago ‘online’ was an option but not any more. Digital tools are now integral because all firms undoubtedly use them one way or another. Additionally, it’s good to see that digital allow even small firms, significantly those that embrace them, to compete in the global market.

So what are digital services? How can my business benefit? They can be split into many forms and disciplines and broadly fall into two main categories, which are marketing services and business services.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing services is simply using digital tools for your marketing activities. Most businesses use, or should be using one or more of these already. These include:

  • Websites and eCommerce
  • Search engine marketing (SEM)
  • Content marketing
  • Marketing automation

Digital Business

Digital business services covers a number of topics, but they have a common thread. They are digital tools you use to run and manage your business. These include:

  • Sales automation
  • Customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Managing service
  • Analysing performance

If your business is already running some of these, you will certainly know the benefits that can be gained.

It’s most important to realise no two firms are alike, even in the same line of work. As a result, a solution which works for one might not work for another. Therefore, we set out to learn about your business, not to mention needs, then come up with a solution. And, in addition, we still keep measuring results to be sure you get the best return.

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